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Beauty Elixirs

Maintain your skin’s health and vitality with the perfect body treatment. Keep your skin forever young with scrubs, body wraps, moisturizing and the endless other skin care techniques. Say goodbye to wrinkles, fine lines, acne marks and other imperfections by safeguarding your skin from environmental hazards. All the skin care regimens are refreshing and rejuvenating. Feel better and look better! All you need is the correct skincare treatment. Your body needs to relax time after time after the vigorous work routine. All it needs is satisfying and immediate treatments with the best results.  This will help you achieve a good health and move further in life with grace.

We at Spakora comprehend that your skin needs care. The stress of lifestyle now a days can leave your skin congested, dull and contaminated. Take out some time to pamper yourself with a range of facials using natural extracts and essential oils that exfoliate, clean and provide nourishment to your skin. A mix of massage and variety of body scrubs will inculcate a pure sense of well being in you. You will observe restored shine, softness and improved texture of hair with our hair spa treatment. You can add invigorating traditional bath scrubs as a cleansing bath ritual to any of your spa therapies.